Archipelago Arena Senayan

Archipelago Arena is a modern and iconic sports and exhibition building at a very strategic location. It is designed to house international and national sports and exhibition events. Located on the intersection of Jalan Gerbang Pemuda and Jalan Asia Afrika, next to Gelora Bung Karno stadium.

Archipelago Arena is destined to be the proud landmark of modern Jakarta, as one of the world big city. A landmark of style and innovation where aspirations of the mind flourish to attain new heights of excellence. Archipelago Arena expresses a sophisticated and futuristic architecture. This building houses sports events and competition such as martial arts, badminton, fencing, archery and basketball.

Archipelago Arena is an analogy of the strength of human muscles. The dynamic, flowing and sporty design of this project is also a symbol of dynamic movement in sports. Dynamic movement of sports is highlighted by color changing of its secondary skin. It brings the excitement to every visitor.

The combination of world class sport facilities and exhibition hall with international standards with landmark quality is making Archipelago Arena at Senayan as urban generator that brings a positive economic impact to Jakarta urban development.

This project is planned to give a powerful economical impact by providing a modern and high technology facilities. It is hope that the economical impact is as great as Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao

Project Name:

Archipelago Arena


Jl. Asia Afrika, Senayan, Jakarta.


PT. Archipelago Sapta Pesona

Principal Architect:

Ridwan Kamil

Other Architect/Designer:

Irvan Pribadi Darwis, M. Yuliansyah Akbar

M&E Engineers:

PT. Metakom Pranata

C&S Engineers:

PT. Haerte Widya Konsultan


To be appointed

Construction Start (month/2010):


Scheduled completion Date (month/year):


Building Height (metres):

30 m

Building Height (storeys):

2 storeys (double height)

Gross Floor Area:

Bangunan olahraga dan penunjang : 32.700 m2

Bangunan parkir : 12.000 m2

Bangunan panahan : 660 m2

Site Area:

66.935 m2

Other important data:




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